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Ca-Ching | Spell Herbs

Ca-Ching | Spell Herbs


Step into the realm of prosperity with Ca-Ching Herbs, a potent blend curated to manifest abundance in your life. Crafted with Palo Hueso and Palo Pino, these herbs are like nature's own keys to unlocking financial blessings and opportunities.


Palo Hueso, also known as the "Bone Stick," symbolizes stability and strength, while Palo Pino, the "Pine Stick," signifies growth and renewal. Together, they create a powerful synergy, drawing in prosperity in all its forms. Whether you're seeking financial stability or looking to expand your wealth, these herbs are your trusted allies on the journey to abundance.


Infuse them into your rituals, sprinkle them around your space, or carry them with you for a touch of prosperity magic wherever you go. With Ca-Ching Herbs by your side, you'll be ready to embrace the wealth and abundance that awaits.


10ml glass

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