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Growth doesn't come from taking. Don't only take from the tree of our predecessors. Use the seed to plant your own. 


What is

Kast Iron Konjure?

A practice of Hoodoo Konjure. Its the practice of planting your seeds. Honoring what once was by continuing the growth. Hoodoo Konjure is based in adaptability. The ability to use what comes naturally in unfamiliar environments and make it our own. Its the craft of nesting our spirituality and power back into its proper place and navigating through it. It can come in many forms. The way you cook, talk, nurture, create, protect, etc. You carry the knowledge and mature the practice of growing your craft beyond what it once was. The knowing of your Ancestors guidance, protection and teachings live on through you. Not to mention the flexibility of your magick developing though time. Nothing is as it once was. Complacency is the same as being dead.  

Ritual & Spell Videos

A video archive of developing and progressing in Konjure work. A place I share my spells and recipes of Hoodoo. Be sure to subscribe!


Ask the Spirit of the Bones 7 honest questions.

In need of direction in spiritual matters.

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