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Putting The MAN Back In MANifestation

What Is A Psycho-Spiritual Consultant?


As a practicing left hand path occultist and enthusiast of metaphysics, I am no stranger to the spooky or spiritual shit. I have been teaching occult metaphysics for about four or five years, but i have been studying it for about twelve now. I don't personally do the light worker stuff, and I'm not usually friendly in general. If Bobby Hemmitt taught you not be scared of the dark, and Brother Panic showed you the door to the darkness, I help you to not simply tolerate the darkness, but to embrace it in an ecstatic dance of chaotic creation.


I AM a Dick. I AM a Troll. I AM a Bully, and I AM an Occultist.I don't believe everyone is ultimately correct, or accept the notion that there is no such thing as correct and incorrect. I think fake it until you make it, is the worst advice ever. My beef, is that the vast majority of spiritual and occult teachers, and as such the community at large, are both highly feminized and incorrect. I seek to rectify that with my work.


Although I have worked with many females, I tailor my services SPECIFICALLY FOR MALES. I emphasize the masculine principle, I do not focus on motivating or inspiring you. I seek to give the most comprehensive and in depth consultations available to occultists and spiritualist. Not only raising the bar on the out dated consultation format, but giving my clients an experience I can guarantee, they will not find with anyone else.

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