About us

The Past

We came up with the idea for OCCULT CORNER STORE, back when we were still dating. we wanted a better occult shop. one where you had all the expertise you would expect, but had a better selection of tools, especially concerning indigenous practices. all that, and at the same time, feels as affordable and familiar as running up to the corer store.

after a series of events led us to having the opportunity to begin, we jumped at the chance. As the years passed, we developed new products, got married to each other, and have been going strong TO THIS DAY!!! 

Arius Bookman, Husband


Born in Atlanta in 1988, Arius is a metaphysician by profession and practicing left hand path occultist. He is a consultant by trade, and specializes in assisting practitioners of all backgrounds, in going within and navigating the darkness, to unlock your true potential.

Kastas Pell, Wife


Born in Michigan in 1990, Kastas an occult practitioner who not only specializes in hoodoo, but is versed in both the practice of voodoo (voudon) and palo. She makes almost all of our products by hand herself, and manages the operation of Occult Corner Store.

The Present

at present our store is ONE OF A KIND. a black owned ATLANTA based online shop for spiritualists and occultists alike. we sell tools that you cannot find anywhere else, and we give out patrons information that is not only valuable and useful, but is also hard to find in the usual places.

we have a plethora of free online content across various social media platforms, to aid any curious practitioner who stops by. we are known for and pride ourselves on meticulous quality control for products and content, as well as engaged customer service & services. we have become the one stop occult shop, that we had set out to be

The Future

only once you reach the heights of the mountain that you set out to climb, do you then get a view of the higher peaks you could have only imagined. we have plenty of big plans for the future of this shop and this brand, such as;

  • AFFILIATE SALES PROGRAM- as a grassroots small business ourselves, we meet or at least get to see, many other talented vendors and creators, that possess some of that same spirit that we do here at OCCULT CORNER STORE. that being said, we plan to open our doors to allow others to potentially sell their products, through our store, as affiliates. exposing more people, to more of what it is they need, more often and more conveniently.
  •  CRYPTOCURRENCY & WEB 3.0 COMPATIBILITY - the future is here, and we are by no means getting left behind. we have plans to not only develop our store to become cryptocurrency compatible, but will be opening a location in an upcoming web 3.0 metaverse.