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Working with our "Reversing Candles" | Kastas Pell

Ok, so a lot of conjure workers are familiar with "Reversal Work". However when dealing in reversal work, its best that you understand the spirits you are dealing with instead of just trying to reverse something with out knowing the price it costs.

Everything costs a price and the sooner you are aware of the "give and take" measuring of magic, the easier this will all be for you.

In order to receive something, something must be taken. That's why offerings and sacrifices are so necessary. They are willfully letting go. Willfully giving so they can receive. The only value a sacrifice or offering has is the value you place on it.

That's why honesty is commendable in your work. Don't hide behind your own bullshit. Make sure your sacrifices and offerings mean something. Or else you might as well be talking to nobody. You will have a weak flame with your work so to speak.

Reversal work is connected to portal work. They are one in the same in my opinion. You cant change anything without acknowledging what is already there and changing it based on that. So it becomes an equation almost.

In order to reverse/change anything, you must acknowledge where you are, accept that change involves risk. Which means, it requires you making a choice inside of your own crossroads. Either this path or this path.

Its never about going back to the way things where, its about reversing or changing the outcome or manifestation.

This kind of work is completely possible. Especially if your understand, that it all comes with a price. So if you are working with particular deities like PAPA LEGBA or BARON SEMEDI, just know that an offering that is directly connected to you will be a beautiful addition to appease the appetite of the spell.

So along with your Reversing Candles from Occult Corner Store, be sure to offer your emotions, your time, your energy, intent, honesty; to your spell. Dont forget, this is what feeds your work.

Whether you use the Fixed pillars, the skulls, the penis or vagina reverse candles, make sure your intentions are clear for your own sake. Don't continue work without a clear idea of what you intend to manifest. The more clear it is for you, the less interference you will run into.

I have the Reverse that JUJU off You candles for those who have entered into a subtle agreement/spell that has locked down their sexual energy all together.

The intent behind this work was to give the juju somewhere to go instead of just wandering about.

In this case, we send it back to the original sender. In turn allowing you to reclaim your originality in that region.

Having a place for energy to go is a good thing to keep in mind. Energy will always move. So if you choose to let it go, I hope you have a place for it to go.

The skull candles are very multifunctional in terms of how to work with them.

There are plenty of deities that have a symbolic connection to the skull. Dealing in Life & Death or to better put it "both sides of the coin".

Thats why the candles are red and black. It represents both sides of the door your are effecting.

Things you can do to set yourself up for success with your candles is to ...

  1. Carve your sigils into the candle.

  2. Talk to your spirits as you set everything up.

  3. Create a petition. ( Use blood for an intensified link to your work )

  4. Drip wax onto your candles/petition to seal in your intent.

  5. Talk into the flame

There are so many techniques when it comes to candle magic. Just be sure to make it personal and there should be no problem.

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