Tip The Scales Large Fixed Pillar Candle
Dream World Fixed Spell Ritual Candle

Tip The Scales Large Fixed Pillar Candle


Tip the Scales fixed candle is a powerful magical tool that can help balance the scales of justice in your favor. Infused with the spirits of Palo Abre Camino , Palo Gayuba and Palo Justicia, this candle is specially designed to help promote fairness and balance, while also breaking through barriers and obstacles that stand in your way. The candle is fixed with specific herbs and oils that are traditionally associated with justice and success, and can be used in conjunction with other spiritual practices to amplify its effects. It is important to approach the use of this candle with respect and reverence for the spirits it is fixed with, and to use it with a clear and focused intention. By working with this candle, you can invoke the energies to fall towards your favor.

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