Mermaid "Yemaya" Ritual Candle
Mermaid | Yemaya Spell Candle
Mermaid | Yemaya Spell Candle

Mermaid "Yemaya" Ritual Candle

Introducing our unique and powerful RITUAL SPELL CANDLES, designed to help you amplify your spiritual practice and connect with your intentions in a more immersive way. These candles are not your typical candle shapes; each one is carefully crafted into a specific symbol, shape or form that can represent a particular intention or energy, creating a sacred space for you to focus your intention and connect with your spiritual practice.


This includes;
1 mermaid serpent snail ritual candle
(only white or blue)

Don't settle for mediocre candles when you can have the best. Our ritual candles are the perfect addition to your altar or spiritual practice, and they make a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone interested in exploring their spirituality. Try one today and experience the transformative power of our ritual candles for yourself.

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    Who Is Yemeya?

    ​In Palo Mayombe, Yemaya is revered as the goddess of the sea, and is associated with motherhood, fertility, healing, and wisdom. She is often depicted as a mermaid or a beautiful woman holding a fish or a seashell.
    She is believed to have the power to control the waters, and is therefore associated with abundance, prosperity, and the flow of life. Yemaya is also known for her healing powers, and is often called upon to cure illnesses, both physical and spiritual.
    Her sacred colors are blue and white, and she is often represented by a crown or a necklace of blue and white beads.

    What Does The Snail Symbolize?

    In occult symbolism, the snail is often associated with slow but steady progress, patience, and resilience. Its slow and deliberate movement is seen as a reminder to take one's time and proceed with care and caution, rather than rushing headlong into situations without proper consideration.

    The spiral shape of the snail's shell is also significant, as it represents cycles of growth and transformation. In many occult traditions, the spiral is seen as a symbol of spiritual evolution, as it suggests that progress is not always linear but can involve repeated cycles of growth and learning.

    Additionally, the snail's ability to retract into its shell when threatened is seen as a symbol of protection and self-preservation. This can be interpreted as a reminder to take care of oneself and to be mindful of potential dangers or threats.

    What Does The Mermaid Symbolize?

    ​The mermaid's dual nature, half-human and half-fish, is seen as a symbol of the balance between the conscious and unconscious mind, or between reason and emotion. This duality can also be interpreted as a representation of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, or of the integration of opposites.
    The mermaid's association with water also suggests a connection to the spiritual realm and the world of dreams and intuition. In many cultures, water is seen as a symbol of purification and rebirth, and the mermaid can be seen as a guide or guardian of these realms.
    Additionally, the mermaid is often depicted as a seductive and alluring figure, luring sailors to their doom with her beauty and song. This aspect of mermaid symbolism can be interpreted as a warning against being lured off course by temptation or distraction, and a reminder to stay true to one's path and goals.

    What Does The Serpent Symbolize?

    The serpent is a potent symbol in many cultures, and in the realm of the occult, it is associated with transformation, healing, and spiritual awakening. Its representation as a symbol of transformation is tied to its ability to shed its skin and emerge in a new form. This attribute is seen as a metaphor for personal transformation and spiritual evolution. In many spiritual traditions, the snake is seen as a guide or ally on the path to higher consciousness and is considered a potent symbol of healing and transformation.

    The serpent is also associated with hidden knowledge and wisdom. This association is rooted in ancient mythologies, such as that of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, which offered the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. This story represents the serpent as a symbol of wisdom, and its offering of the fruit is a metaphor for the acquisition of spiritual knowledge and insight.




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