Human Skull (Rainbow) Ritual Candle
Large Chakra Skull Candle
Chakra Skull Candle
Chakra Skull Candle
Chakra Skull Candle
Chakra Skull Candle
Chakra Skull Candle

Human Skull (Rainbow) Ritual Candle

Introducing our unique and powerful RITUAL SPELL CANDLES, designed to help you amplify your spiritual practice and connect with your intentions in a more immersive way. These candles are not your typical candle shapes; each one is carefully crafted into a specific symbol, shape or form that can represent a particular intention or energy, creating a sacred space for you to focus your intention and connect with your spiritual practice.


This includes;
1 human skull ritual candle
-your choice of size
(rainbow only)

Don't settle for mediocre candles when you can have the best. Our ritual candles are the perfect addition to your altar or spiritual practice, and they make a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone interested in exploring their spirituality. Try one today and experience the transformative power of our ritual candle

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    What Is Chakra Work?

    Chakras are energy centers that are believed to correspond with different aspects of physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The word "chakra" comes from Sanskrit and translates to "wheel" or "disk", referring to the spinning energy centers.

    Chakra work, also known as chakra healing or chakra balancing, is a practice that involves working with the energy centers, or chakras, to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The aim of chakra work is to balance and restore the flow of energy throughout, which is believed to be essential

    There are several different techniques that can be used for chakra work, including meditation, yoga, breathwork, sound healing, and energy healing. Each of these techniques aims to activate and balance the chakras, and can help to release blockages and stagnant energy that may be causing physical or emotional issues.

    What Does The Human Skull Symbolize?

    The human skull has been used in occult symbolism for centuries, and its meaning varies depending on the culture, tradition, and context in which it is used. In general, the skull is often associated with death, mortality, and the impermanence of life. It serves as a reminder that life is fleeting and that all living things will eventually die. However, in some cultures, the skull is also a symbol of transformation and rebirth. It represents the shedding of the old self and the emergence of a new, transformed self. Additionally, the skull has been used as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, particularly in Western esoteric traditions. It is associated with the concept of "memento mori," which reminds us of the impermanence of life and the importance of living in the present. In some cultures, the skull is believed to possess magical powers and is used for protection and to ward off evil spirits.


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