Occult Herbalism : Vol. 1 | An ERSATZ Occult Treasury
Occult Herbalism VOL. 1 | ERSATZ TREASURY
Occult Herbalism VOL. 1 | ERSATZ TREASURY

Occult Herbalism : Vol. 1 | An ERSATZ Occult Treasury


This ERSATZ Treasury of Occult Texts, is the first volume of a collection on the art of OCCULT HERBALISM. Included within it, are two different works on the subject, to give the inquiring reader a broader view on the topic.

by e.a. wallis budge

"Famed Egyptologist discusses earliest Orient herbals in Egypt, Sumer, Babylonia, Assyria; their role as foundations of Greek herbals and subsequent dissemination through Asia and Europe. Gods as herbalists, divine medicines, water as divine element, oils and unguents, much more" - ABEBOOKS

HALLUCINOGENIC PLANTS by richard evans schultes

"A nontechnical examination of the physiological effects and cultural significance of hallucinogenic plants used in ancient and modern societies" - ABEBOOKS

These hand bound tomes are collections and recreation of texts, tomes and scriptures from once published occult authors, refashioned and recreated from electronic and digitized files, in a manner that helps to preserve the knowledge within them, as well as Bring Out Occult Knowledge for the world. All knowledge is infinite.

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