Palo Armargo "Protection Oil" Spell Oil

Palo Armargo "Protection Oil" Spell Oil

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Our OILS & WATERS are designed to assist with a wide range of mystical pursuits, from enhancing meditation and divination, to aiding in spellcasting and ritual work. Whether you're seeking to amplify your intuition, connect with higher realms, or manifest your desires, our products have been expertly crafted to support your magical journey. Unlock your full magical potential today and start manifesting the life you truly desire.

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    Palo Armargo

    The Palo Armargo tree is also known as the Bitterwood tree or the Andira inermis. It is a species of flowering tree that is found in various parts of the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. In the practice of Palo Mayombe, the tree is believed to be a conduit for spiritual energy and is often used in the creation of various spiritual tools and objects, such as ngangas (sacred cauldrons), amulets, and powders.

    Palo Armargo is particularly associated with the Palo Mayombe practice of Nkuyo, which is focused on spiritual cleansing and purification. The bark, leaves, and wood of the Palo Armargo tree are believed to possess purifying properties that can be used to cleanse the body and spirit of negative energies and spiritual blockages. In addition to its cleansing properties, Palo Armargo is also believed to possess protective and healing properties. It is sometimes used in the creation of protective amulets and talismans, and its bark may be used in the treatment of various ailments


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