4 Face Buddha Ritual Candle

4 Face Buddha Ritual Candle


Introducing our unique and powerful RITUAL SPELL CANDLES, designed to help you amplify your spiritual practice and connect with your intentions in a more immersive way. These candles are not your typical candle shapes; each one is carefully crafted into a specific symbol, shape or form that can represent a particular intention or energy, creating a sacred space for you to focus your intention and connect with your spiritual practice.


This set includes;
1 4 face buddha ritual candle
-your choice of color

Don't settle for mediocre candles when you can have the best. Our ritual candles are the perfect addition to your altar or spiritual practice, and they make a thoughtful and unique gift for anyone interested in exploring their spirituality. Try one today and experience the transformative power of our ritual candles for yourself.

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    What Or Who Is Buddha?

    In Buddhism, the term "Buddha" refers to an individual who has attained enlightenment, or a state of perfect spiritual understanding and liberation from the cycle of rebirth. While Siddhartha Gautama is considered the historical Buddha and the founder of Buddhism, the religion recognizes the existence of other Buddhas who have achieved enlightenment before and after him.

    In occult symbolism, the Buddha is often seen as a symbol of enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and the pursuit of inner peace. The Buddha represents a state of consciousness that is free from suffering, desire, and attachment, and is associated with the concept of Nirvana.

    Some of the other notable Buddhas in Buddhist tradition include Dipankara Buddha, who is believed to have lived many eons before Siddhartha Gautama, and Maitreya Buddha, who is believed to be the next Buddha who will appear in the world and teach the Dharma after the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama have been forgotten or lost.

    Skinny Buddha & Fat Buddha?

    The skinny buddha is called the historical buddha or SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA. gautama buddha, also called shakyamuni buddha, lived around 600 bce in lumbini in today's nepal, became buddha or the enlightened one. The events of his life are largely legendary, but he is considered an actual historical figure and a younger contemporary of Mahavira (also known as Vardhamana, l. c. 599-527 BCE) who established the tenets of Jainism shortly before Siddhartha's time. According to Buddhist texts, a prophecy was given at Siddhartha's birth that he would become either a powerful king or great spiritual leader. His father, fearing he would become the latter if he were exposed to the suffering of the world, protected him from seeing or experiencing anything unpleasant or upsetting for the first 29 years of his life. 

    The fat buddha, or the laughing buddha, is a zen monk called BUDAI but his name was Qieci, who lived in china around the 10th centruy, meaning about 1600 years after the historical buddha.In life, stories portray Qieci as an eccentric being who traveled from town to town, spreading laughter and joy wherever he went. He pulled sweets from his sack for children, food for the hungry, rice plants for the poor and medicine for the sick. He was a man of few words but plenty of smiles. He left a larger-than-life legacy and became a folklore deity of contentment and abundance. Chinese Buddhists consider Budai an incarnation of Maitreya, the future Buddha who is believed to eventually take Gautama's place. 


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