At Occult Corner Store, we offer our patrons a variety of products that are not physical objects, but dip into the realm beyond such things. 

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Root Work & Rituals

Kastas SPECIALIZES in various forms of root work, specifically associated with practices such as Palo Mayombe. She has a record of working with clients over long periods of time, and gets solid results.

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Kastas has not only mastered various forms of tarot reading, but is well known for and SPECIALIZES in doing bone readings. An ancient practice that very few today can accurately employ or even know how to.

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Arius SPECIALIZES in consulting. In fact, Arius is a Psycho-Spiritual Consultant and has built a practice speaking to clients from different corners of the globe, with different belief systems.

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Need Something More Specific?

Please reach out to us, and let us know exactly what it is that you are looking for. We have many skills and abilities, most of which are not as easily made into an online option. We are open to private communication, to facilitate whatever you may need that we can do.