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Lunas Garden | Jardin de Lunas Spell Herbs

Introducing Lunas Garden Spell Herbs, a specially curated collection of herbs for working with the transformative energy of the moon and the spirit of Luna herself.
These herbs have been chosen to help you tap into the lunar energy and enhance your magic.

Herbs have been used in magical practices for centuries, and when combined with the energy of the moon, their potency is heightened. The lunar cycles can have a profound effect on our magic and using herbs that correspond to each phase of the moon can amplify our intentions and desires.

Working with Lunas Garden Spell Herbs is a powerful way to connect with the transformative energy of the moon and the spirit of Luna. These herbs can be used to enhance your magical practice, whether you're looking to perform a full moon ritual, create moon water, or simply connect with the lunar energy.

Unlock the secrets of the moon and harness the transformative power of Luna with Lunas Garden Spell Herbs.

this includes:
1 Lunas Garden spell work herbs 10ML. jar

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    What Is Lunar Magick?

    Lunar magic is a practice that involves working with the energy of the moon in order to manifest desired outcomes, enhance intuition, and connect with the divine feminine. The moon has been associated with mystical and spiritual properties in many cultures throughout history, and its phases are believed to influence human emotions and behavior.

    In lunar magic, practitioners typically align their rituals and spells with the phases of the moon. For example, during the waxing moon, which is the period between the new moon and the full moon, practitioners may focus on manifesting new beginnings, growth, and abundance. During the waning moon, which is the period between the full moon and the new moon, practitioners may focus on banishing negative energies, breaking bad habits, and releasing what no longer serves them.

    Pink Peppercorn

    ​​Althought they look very much like the black peppercorns after which they are names, pink peppercorns are not even from the same family as black peppercorns. 

    Technically, is it is in the family of the Almond, and come from the Peruvian Pepper Tree, Pink Peppercorn are well known for their sharp and distinct smell, as well as their captivating pink color. Representing the feminine, passion, and soft love.


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