GANG GANG Large Fixed Pillar Candle
GANG GANG Protection Fixed Spell Pillar Candle
GANG GANG Large Fixed Pillar Candle

GANG GANG Large Fixed Pillar Candle

The Gang Gang Protection Fixed Pillar Candle is a powerful tool for spiritual protection and warding off negative energies. This candle is infused with two sacred herbs, Palo San Alejo and Palo Salvadera, which are renowned for their cleansing and protective properties in the spiritual practices of various cultures. The combination of these herbs in the candle creates a potent energy that helps to clear the mind and promote positive energy flow, while also offering a shield of protection against unwanted energies. By lighting the Gang Gang Protection Fixed Pillar Candle, individuals can strengthen their spiritual defenses and create a safe and harmonious environment.

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    The Color Black & Protection

    In terms of protection, black is often associated with the idea of shielding oneself from negative energies or harm. This is why many people wear black clothing or accessories, such as black tourmaline or onyx, for spiritual or energetic protection.

    Black is also used in many protective rituals, such as casting a circle in Wiccan or pagan traditions, or drawing a protective sigil in various magical practices. The idea is that black helps to create a barrier or shield that keeps negative energies or entities at bay.

    Overall, the symbolism of black and protection can vary depending on the cultural or spiritual context, but it often involves the idea of creating a barrier or shield to ward off harm or negative energies.


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