Palo Ramon "Conjuration" Spell Work Herbs
Palo Ramon "Conjure" Spell Herbs

Palo Ramon "Conjuration" Spell Work Herbs

Our line of SPELL WORK HERBS is specially crafted for the needs of occultists seeking to enhance their magical practices. These premium herbs are carefully sourced and chosen for their high quality and powerful spiritual properties. Our herbs are perfect for creating custom spell blends, herbal baths, and other magical concoctions to aid in love, protection, prosperity, and spiritual advancement, to name a few. we have a variety of choices, all of which have a long history of use in magical practices.

this includes:
1 conjuration spell work herbs 10ML jar

Our SPELL WORK HERBS are perfect for both experienced practitioners and those new to the world of occultism, and are a must-have for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and achieve their goals with the power of nature.

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    Palo Diablo

    Palo Diablo, also known as "The Devil Stick," is a powerful and feared spirit in the practice of Palo Mayombe. It is believed to be an extremely malevolent spirit that can cause harm and destruction if not appeased or controlled properly. The practice of working with Palo Diablo is not recommended for beginners or those who are not experienced in the rituals and practices of Palo Mayombe. It is believed that the spirit requires a high level of respect and caution, and must be approached with the utmost care and attention.​

    Palo Ramon

    Palo Ramon is often depicted as a powerful and fearsome spirit, and is considered to be one of the "siete rayos," or seven rays, which are the most important and powerful mpungos in Palo Mayombe. Palo Ramon is often associated with justice and protection, and is invoked in rituals to ward off negative energies and protect the practitioner from harm.


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