Customer Reviews

Just a few of the many 5 star reviews about our store and our services. 

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Hands down, I am truly happy that a friend introduced me to the Occult Corner Store. I started with the Bone Reading and have gotten it twice. Afterwards, there was a supervisor who wanted to make my life hell by stopping my progress. I had the Occult Corner Store do a spell to bring demise to this supervisor's life since she was tryna mess with mine. She was embarrassingly singling me out all the time in front of my white colleagues, esp when they have done similar things but didn't get called out for it. I gotta say, this practitioner knows what the hell she's doing. She is real, authentic, and trustworthy. The energy she puts into her spellwork is AMAZING...she will send you a video of it, so you can actually see her do the work and remove all doubts if you had any. The results from the spellwork had the supervisor's life spiraling down and got her fired...something that I definitely wanted to happen and it worked. I will consult with this practitioner from now on. She is the only one that has given me results. Spent hundreds on readings and spellwork with nothing happening before coming to Occult Corner Store. Well, I must admit that I found the opposite being true here. I will now continue using Occult Corner Store's services as my go to...I am planning on getting some more spellwork done. Getting the results are well worth the money. You won't be disappointed!!!

Goddess R -


The best occult store on the Internet by a LONG shot. Occult corner store is a one stop shop for all your spiritual needs, whether you work with the dark or the light. The tutorials that Kastas has created along with the group that she runs to ensure your success is invaluable to the community. I’m addition to all the herbs, candles, and tutorials, there are also hand binded texts to help further your study. It is truly amazing to see this level of excellence displayed in this field. I recommend Occult Corner Store as your ultimate one stop shop for all things occult.

The Reverend Kaoz- 

I been doing business with occult corner store for a while. They legit go above and beyond for their customers. Removing a 12 year curse? Check. Need advice on a complicated spell? Check. Need some heavy hitting supplies? Check. Their fixed spell candles are god tier. Sometimes I wonder if it’s the candles doing all the work lol. Anyway look no further for all your occult needs A++ highly recommend.

Chris K-

Every single product I’ve received from this store arrives quickly, is wonderfully packaged and oozing with juicy occult vibes. It’s always great to find unique products, but I can’t say I’ve found a store that’s more informational and supportive than Occult Corner Store. I just received my road opener spell, haven’t even lit it yet, but I’m already receiving more offers on my products and more client referrals. Can’t wait to perform my ritual and see the results!

Morteisha Addams-

So I purchased the money spell kit because I have goals in mind and I knew I’d need extra cash. So I lit the candle with my goals or intentions in mind and a few days later I got a raise at work and I made a sale from my brand! I definitely recommend using their money spell kit!

Black Gambit 💀- 

I literally had the VEN A MI work done on my behalf. MY GOD!!!! WORTH EVERY PENNY! Not gonna give too much detail but it manifested in less than a week!



I have come back several times. My first experience was greeted with great customer service. I fell in love with the candles and have even had one sent to my mother. Such a wonderful experience.

Naughty Dreams-

I love how Kasta helps you through your magick process. I got a Bone Reading and was recommended the perfect candles that she handmade herself. This was a great experience and the manifestation has come true!

V Safel-

I am definitely pleased. I wanted a book that I could not find anywhere, but lucky for me I had the pdf. I submitted the pdf, they turned it into a book for me, and I paid a reasonable price for it. I love this store.


The best candles in the game in all my years of magic I've never gotten as many results as I have had with these candles!

Ethan True-