The 5 Steps in Candle Magic

When working in candle magic, you are working with a tool that has been used for thousands of years. Candle magic is one of the few traditions that has been passed down through out time and continues to stay consistent. Rightfully so, its still continues to aid in manifestation and still continues to compliment your spirits as well.
So lets get on with it. When working in candle magic, there are 5 Foundational Steps that must be taken into account when working in the realm of Candle Magic =]

1st Step: Make Sure you know which Spirit is overlooking your work. The reason why this is the first step, is because dealing in any magic, knowing what spirits you are working with will give your magic a foundation. That foundation will set the entire tone for your work. If you don't have any spirits that look over your magic, then I can guarantee, its just gibberish on a magical realm. There needs to be a spirit or spirits to overlook the magic, to receive the offering, to have a set intention with this work and so on. Once there is a spirit in play, the rest of the work can flow how it needs to.

2nd Step: This is the step where you choose the type of candles you will need for your work to begin. The spirit you work with is taken into account, as well as the spell taken place, and the type of manifestation you are intending on.
For example, in the video I have linked above; I chose 4 red & black pillar candles. The reason being was that I was working with Papa Legba. His colors are red, black, and white. So I chose red and black for the purpose of road opening and door opening work. Red representing one side of the door, black representing the other side of the door.
I also chose 4 of the same candle. One to place at all four locations. The meaning behind all four locations was to open the roads on all four corners; essentially to clear out any clutter, any obstacles, no matter where they may be.
So choosing your colors and the amount of candles and even the type of candle will have an effect in your magic. The reason being that this taps directly to your intent. The more meaning you put in your work, the more meaningful it will manifest. The key ingredient is that you Respect your spirits and that you are honest about what you are doing in the first place.
So choosing a skull candle for ancestor work, or a female and male figure candle for love work gives the spell a direct connection to your manifestation. Do you NEED to do this? Not at all. This all goes along with what is in your heart to do. If you can, why not? Having a tool like a candle to be directly connected to the intent of the spell is all you will need, but figure candles add and extra kick, as it is connected to the subconscious. The realm that moves a lot more fluid in your magic. That's why I am a huge fan of fixed and figure candles. 

3rd Step: This is where " FIXING YOUR CANDLE " comes into play. This is also where it becomes messy lol. Oils, Herbs, Palos, Dirts, Bones, etc. Whatever it may be, this is where you dress and fix your candle to your liking.

1.Carving and Chanting into your candles during this time is a great way to begin fixing your candles. This allows you to carve your sigils and intent into your candles as well as chant your spells throughout the process. Set the tone for your work. Set the goal for the spirits. Allow it flow from your heart. The more meaningful each process is to you in your magic, the more intense it will manifest for you.
2.Oils are preferably something you begin with when fixing a candle. This allows any of your herbs to stick and stay to your candle.
3. Now you add your spices, bones or whatever you fix your candle with. Massage it in there, and allow it be. It doesn't have to be pretty, and it will be messy lol. 

4th Step: Placement of your candles is essential and should be taken into account. How you place your candles down can make a difference in most spells. For example, in the video provided above, I placed my candles in 4 directions. Reason being for clearing away obstacles in each direction.
What is key here is the symbol and my intent behind each step I take. We don't do anything carelessly. We make sure our intent dwells within each step we take with our magic. That's what allows it be catered to ourselves.
Another example, is a "Separation Spell". If you are conjuring the separation of individuals, your figure candles may be placed on opposite ends instead of a love spell where they would be tied or close together. Its the symbol that we are after here. After all, spirits speak in symbols, not words like your common Joe.
5th Step: BURING THE CANDLE! This is our final step. It could be a little more than simply burning the candle for some. In some cases with candle magic, this is also a great place to chant your words, incantations, etc. As well as do some dripping. Dripping is where you drip the wax from a candle in certain directions. You can drip in a circle, you can drip over a picture if that is what is included in your work as well. It depends on how your spell is set up, but after any drippings are done, you will simply just allow the candle to burn. You have already filled the spell with your desired intent. You have allowed your Spirit to look over the work. Now just allow the candle to do what it does best....burn.

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