Flip That JUJU Off You: A Spell to Reverse Negative Energy from an Ex-Lover

Flip That JUJU Off You: A Spell to Reverse Negative Energy from an Ex-Lover

In the aftermath of a relationship, lingering energies from past lovers can sometimes cloud our present and future. If you're seeking to cleanse your aura and reclaim your personal power, our "Flip That JUJU Off You" candle set, featuring a red womb candle and a black phallus candle, is your ally. This spell is designed to reverse negative energies and create a protective barrier around your emotional well-being. Let's embark on this powerful ritual together.


- 1 Red Womb Candle

- 1 Black Phallus Candle

- Protective herbs (e.g., sage, rosemary, or salt)

- A small piece of paper and a pen

- Matches or a lighter


1. Cleanse Your Space: Begin by cleansing your physical space with sage, rosemary, or simply salt water to clear out any negative energy. This prepares a sacred space for your ritual.

2. Set Your Intention: On the piece of paper, write down the name of the ex-lover from whom you wish to reverse negative energy. Underneath their name, write a concise statement of your intent, such as "I release your energy back to you with love and peace."

3. Arrange Your Candles: Place the red womb candle on your left side and the black phallus candle on your right side, symbolizing the balance and duality of feminine and masculine energies. Between them, place the piece of paper with your intention.

The Spell:

1. Light the Candles: Light the red womb candle first, focusing on the nurturing and cleansing energy it represents. As you light it, say, "With this flame, I cleanse and heal my emotional wounds." Then, light the black phallus candle, focusing on the protective and banishing energy it represents. As you light it, say, "With this flame, I banish negative ties and energies that bind me."

2. The Visualization: Close your eyes and visualize a protective light surrounding you, emanating from the flames of both candles. Imagine this light cutting any negative ties between you and your ex-lover, transforming them into healing energy for both parties.

3. The Release: Take the piece of paper with your ex-lover's name and your intention. Carefully hold it over the black phallus candle (be cautious of the flame). Allow the paper to catch fire (safely over a fire-proof dish) and say, "As this paper burns, so does the negative energy between us. I release it back into the universe for transformation and healing."

4. Closing the Ritual: Allow the candles to burn down completely (in a safe, fire-proof location). As they burn, meditate on the feeling of being cleansed and protected. Once the candles have fully burned, the ritual is complete. Dispose of the candle remnants and the ashes of the paper respectfully, burying them outside if possible, to symbolize the grounding of the energy and the finality of the release.


The "Flip That JUJU Off You" spell, utilizing the potent energy of our specially designed candle set, is a powerful tool in your journey toward emotional healing and empowerment. Remember, the key to this spell's effectiveness lies in your intention and your willingness to let go. Visit us at OccultCornerStore.com for more tools and guidance on your path to healing and transformation.

May your journey be blessed and your heart find peace.

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