Damballah Spell Work

In the realm of spirituality and mysticism, the serpent has long been regarded as a symbol of wisdom, transformation, and protection. In various cultures and belief systems, serpents are revered as messengers of the divine, and one deity that embodies the serpent's essence is Damballah. Damballah is a prominent figure in Vodou and other African diaspora religions, representing knowledge, purity, and guidance.

In this blog post, we'll explore a sacred ritual known as the "Invocation of Damballah." This ritual seeks to connect with the wisdom and protection of Damballah using Fixed Spell Candles, a Snake Candle, and Damballah Powder made with snake bones.

Materials You'll Need:

  1. A white Fixed Spell Candle (symbolizing purity and spirituality)
  2. A Snake Candle (representing Damballah)
  3. Damballah Powder (made with snake bones, symbolizing the serpent deity)
  4. A small offering of pure water or a clear liquid (to honor Damballah)
  5. A small white altar cloth or surface
  6. A quiet and sacred space

Setting the Stage:

Before you embark on this spiritual journey, it's essential to create a serene and sacred space. Cleanse the area of any distractions, dim the lights, and prepare yourself mentally for the ritual ahead.

The Candle Setup:
  1. Place the white Fixed Spell Candle at the center of your chosen altar cloth or surface.
  2. Position the Snake Candle next to the white candle, symbolizing the presence of Damballah.
Damballah Powder:
Sprinkle a small amount of Damballah Powder around the base of the white Fixed Spell Candle. This sacred powder carries the essence of Damballah and the wisdom of the serpent.
  1. Light the white Fixed Spell Candle, saying: "I invoke the pure and sacred spirit of Damballah, the serpent deity of wisdom and protection. May your presence guide and bless this ritual."
  2. Light the Snake Candle, stating: "Damballah, I honor you as the great serpent, the guardian of knowledge. I seek your wisdom and protection in this moment."
Place the small offering of pure water or clear liquid beside the candles as a symbol of respect and acknowledgment of Damballah's presence.
Meditation and Prayer:
  1. Close your eyes and meditate on your intentions, seeking guidance, wisdom, and protection from Damballah.
  2. You may recite a personal prayer or affirmation, asking for Damballah's assistance in your current situation or decision-making process.
  1. When you feel the connection is strong and your intentions have been conveyed, express gratitude to Damballah.
  2. Snuff out the candles (do not blow them out) in reverse order, starting with the Snake Candle and then the white Fixed Spell Candle.
Cleanse and Disposal:
  1. Safely dispose of any remaining Damballah Powder according to your belief system, such as burying it in the earth or disposing of it in flowing water.
  2. You may choose to keep the Snake Candle as a symbol of Damballah's presence on your altar or use it for future rituals.
The "Invocation of Damballah" is a profound and meaningful ritual that can help you tap into the wisdom, protection, and guidance of this revered serpent deity. As with any spiritual practice, approach it with reverence and respect for the traditions and beliefs associated with Damballah. May your journey be one of enlightenment and transformation as you connect with the serpent's wisdom.

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